Music Class

With these performances and concerts combined

we have reached more than

30,000 people worldwide

The THIRD International LIVE Virtual Concert

for the Children’s Hospices

October 4th, 2020

Young virtuosos from 6 different countries and 6 different time-zones, laureates of multiple prestigious international contests, Soloists, Ensembles, Choir, and a full 80-people Symphony Orchestra participated in this concert.

The SECOND International LIVE Virtual Concert

for the Children of China

June 6th, 2020

We have managed to get permission from Chinese authorities to have our virtual concert broadcasted LIVE to more than 1000 children in 20 schools from 11 provinces in China at the same time. They are all children from very poor suburb areas and communities, who of course don’t have a chance to either go to a concert like this, or even to watch it on Youtube since it’s forbidden in China. 

(In case the link doesn’t open correctly please open with your mobile device - Facebook doesn’t work correctly when the word “CHINA” is involved)

The FIRST International LIVE Virtual Concert

for Children of Georgia

May 22nd, 2020

Orphans and marginalized children/youth. Some young brilliant artists, most of them are laureates of multiple international contests, from 10 countries, 7 different time-zones participated in this event, bringing their support and art to the children of Georgia.

International Virtual Concert with Spivakov’s Music Foundation


September 23d, 2020