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Neuro-Immersive Music & Art Project

Welcome to “Children For Peace,” a Visionary Fusion of Art, Music, Technology, and Neuroscience. This Neuro-Immersive nexus transcends borders, cultures, and languages to unite the dreams of a thousand children from 100 countries.

Within this virtual neuronet, each child's artwork becomes a vibrant neural connection, intertwining with others to form a tapestry of hope and unity. The soundtrack to this unprecedented endeavor is powered by NEXVOX - a neuroimmersive AI-based technology. It dynamically translates the electrical brain activity of young artists into a mesmerizing score performed by an orchestra of GCI young virtuosos from 6 continents, creating a harmonious symphony of creativity and innovation. As you immerse yourself in this collective masterpiece, you'll experience the world through the pure, unfiltered lenses of children—visions brimming with innocence, optimism, and boundless imagination. These artworks, akin to intricate neurodots in the vast expanse of a shared consciousness, reveal the complex web of connections that bind humanity together, bridging the realms of music, art, and neuroscience.

Much like the transformative 'overview effect' experienced by astronauts viewing Earth from space, “Children For Peace” offers a profound perspective shift. It beckons us to embrace dialogue, understanding, and compassion as we recognize our shared humanity and interconnectedness, facilitated by the synergy of arts, technology, and neuroscience. Through the kaleidoscope of children's dreams, we're reminded of the universal yearning for peace and a brighter future. Join us in this groundbreaking journey of exploration and enlightenment, where every stroke of a child's paintbrush and every note of the symphony become beacons of hope in our collective quest for harmony and understanding. 


The Greenwald Family Impact Foundation

(Miami, USA)

The GCI's "Children For Peace" Neuro-Immersive Music & Art Project, featuring artworks created by children and youth from around the world, encompasses:

Powered by NEXVOX 

  • The Exhibition is set to be presented and showcased at the Whitney Museum of American Art and the Museum of Modern Art (MoMA);

  • The International Exhibition Tour: New York, Miami, Dubai, London, and Kyiv;

  • A Virtual Gallery;

  • A music single release;

  • A Music & Art VR Experience;

  • Collaborations with fashion designers from the USA, the UK, Ukraine, and the UAE. 

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