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Love Ukraine


A concert lasts an hour. The need is ongoing.

Please donate NOW. Save more lives!

All Funds Raised Go To:

1. Food and Shelter

2. Transportation and Evacuation

3. Personal Hygiene Supplies

4. Clothing, Shoes

5. Medical Supplies, Equipment

6. Medical Support

7. Mental Health Support

8. Education for refugees

9. Financial and professional support for child prodigies

In addiction to cash you can donate the folllowing items:

Personal Hygiene Supplies (soup, shamoos, tooth brushes / paste

Non prerishable food

Infante and adult dipers

Femenine products

Baby wipes

Baby food, Infant formula

Medical Supplues (bandages, woond dressings, splints etc) Toys

New undergarments and socks

Donation Form


(in order to accept any items for donation the goods must be in good condition, within an experation date no less than 12 months from the days of donation, and in palet-load quontaticies)

We are a 501C3 nonprofit. Qualifying donations are tax-deductable

For deductible donations: KINDFUL Our official partner Global Empowerment Mission (IRS platinum status) is responsible for all deductible donations

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