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We create unique Live Virtual International Concerts and Interactive Creative Experiences featuring some incredible young virtuosos — children and youth from 60 countries, who are winners of multiple prestigious international contests, coming together through technology to support their peers in need. 

We support children’s hospitals and orphanages, marginalized and underserved communities and schools, as well as children and youth with disabilities.

GCI Planet

Virtual Interactive Concert & Smart Education Platform

New York-based, female-led nonprofit organization, created as a COVID-19 relief program to help Children and Youth in need, in the US and Worldwide.

Artists & Educators to Heal & Empower

Artists & Educators to Heal & Empower

Artists & Educators to Heal & Empower

GCI Virtual International Concert

“Food for Body & Soul” Concert Series

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Artists & Educators to Heal & Empower


UFORUKRAINE – International Humanitarian

Benefit Concert Series 

In Support of the Children and Women of Ukraine

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