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Please PROVIDE YOUR VIDEO recording that should fit the following requirements:

  1. The video must be shot HORIZONTAL; Good quality, with good light, to see and hear an ARTIST and INSTRUMENT they play clearly and well.

  2. Please choose where you stand, what the background is, and how it looks in the frame - this is your representation, you WANT it to look GOOD!

  3. The video should be shot with one camera, as one take: your greetings and introduction, your performance, and then saying goodbyes  (NO editing NO attached videos that are shot separately)

  4. Please be positive, smile, you can wave the audience, make a joke! Please remember: WE ARE ARTISTS, we are bringing JOY and POSITIVE MOTIVATION to people, especially to those who are in need, isolation, struggling with sickness and disabilities!

  5. Send your VIDEO in HIGH RESOLUTION, in good quality.

GREETINGS & INTRODUCTION (please keep it short and sweet within 30sec)

The further text is given just as an example, you can say it your way, or add something you feel like saying.

1. Turn on a video recording.

Stand or seat in front of the camera, wait for 2 seconds before talking.

If you want to use the suggested greetings & introduction please choose  OPTION 1 or  OPTION 2 or OPTION 3 (in order to keep it a bit different from other artists)

PLEASE BE FRIENDLY and NICE — we’ve come to cheer up those who are in the worst situations (in hospitals, hospices, orphanages) — they need YOUR POSITIVE EMOTIONS! And OUR MISSION as ARTISTS is to INSPIRE and MOTIVATE! THANK YOU!!!

Greet everyone:


“Hi Masha, GCI PLANET and everyone! Thank you very much for the introduction, and thank you for inviting me!”


“Hello Masha, hello everyone! Thank you GCI PLANET for having me!”


“Hello Masha and GCI PLANET! Hello everyone! Thank you very much, I’m happy to be here today!”


- My name is (your name)
- I am from (the name of your country and city)
- I am (how old you are)

3. Then please say who you are performing for:


I am happy to be a part of this concert organized by GCI Planet, to play for children and youth in hospitals and orphanages all around the world. Today I’ll perform (the name of the piece and composer who wrote it).


Thank you very much GCI Planet, I am very happy to play today to support children and youth in need, isolation, and with disabilities. I will perform (the name of the piece and composer who wrote it).


I am happy to perform today at this live virtual concert by GCI Planet, to support children and youth in need worldwide. I will play (the name of the piece and the composer who wrote it).

4. After the introduction please bow, and do your performance.

The piece you perform should be NO LONGER than 3-3,5 MINUTES!

5. After the performance please bow, smile!



Thank you for watching! Thank you Masha, GCI PLANET and everyone!


Thank you very much! Thank you Masha and GCI PLANET!

6. Please wait for 4 seconds.

(Please don’t look sad, remember to smile! :))

Then please say:


Thank you everyone! Have a great day! Bye-bye!


Thank you so much Masha, GCI and everyone! See you soon! Bye!

7. Wave and SMILE for a couple of seconds.

8. Turn the camera off.

  • Please SEND YOUR VIDEO via WeTransfer or Dropbox, or another service that DOES NOT require access request.

  • PROMOTE YOUR PERFORMANCE and GCI CONCERT on your social media, INVITE your family and friends to watch and support you, to like the video of the concert, and to leave a comment.

  • Make sure YOU are WATCHING a GCI concert with YOUR OWN performance, LIKE the video of the concert, leave a COMMENT.

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